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LOVE & HATE – PHOTO CONTESTS: I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with photo contests. Many of them seem great on the outside while the further you read into the official rules and regulations mumbo jumbo the worst they get. So I always dread when someone says to me, “you should enter x contest.” I also could blow a small fortune entering contests that ask for a small admin fee… $20 here… $30 there… I get these emails daily. I never enter a contest that asks for a fee. NEVER. I also watch the terms carefully and see who retains the copyright and usage rights.

But aside from having to watch so carefully what the fine print is I have entered a few lately and have had decent success.

Over at the Canvas Pop Blog, a company I highly recommend for their canvas printing, I entered their Great Outdoors Photo Contest with two photos – I could have entered one each day for the allowed time but only remembered twice – and ended up having both as finalists. Neither ended up winning in the public vote but that’s okay too.

The two images I entered, both of which ended up as finalists in The Great Outdoors Contest run by Canvas Pop and ONA.

And next week I get to go to Horticultural Week at Old’s College thanks to winning the Spring Blooms contest at the Calgary Horticultural Society’s Garden Show. (I’m learning about wildflower identification and there’s a field trip too. Photos will be posted.)

IN OTHER NEWS: I had a last minute show last night at LimeLighter’s House Party – thanks again to Tammy for the awesome opportunity – and we’re joining forces again this Sunday for a photobooth at the Sun and Salsa Fest. Look for us outside of Pages on Kensignton and come by for some photo fun!